How long do I need to be working before I can get a mortgage?

Quite simply Hawk Mortgages are able to obtain a mortgage for you on day 1 of starting a new job, or even before the job has begun providing you have a signed contract or job offer.

It is true that some lenders require 3 months’ payslips or a pre-determined amount of time in a new job.  However this is not the case for many lenders and we have access to plenty of options with less stringent requirements.

Job offers

Can I get a mortgage with a job offer?

Yes!  Hawk Mortgages may be able to obtain a mortgage for you if you have a job offer for a job not starting for a few months.  Even if there is a probation period within the offer and even if this is your first job.

In this instance you would simply need to supply a signed copy of the contract and our brokers will have several options.  This is common in many jobs, such as teaching or junior Doctors.


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