Time to buy a new property?  Whether this is to purchase a larger property or looking to downsize, now is an important time to speak to a mortgage professional to check the availability of mortgages;

  • How much can you borrow
  • What will the monthly mortgage repayments be?
  • How much deposit do you need and what are the costs involved with buying and selling
  • What’s your budget for new properties?

We will have an initial conversation with you in order to establish key information and help establish a budget moving forward.  Once you have an offer accepted on a property we will get to work in obtaining the best mortgage for you;

  • Comparing the market.
  • Making the best recommendation for you.
  • Applying for the mortgage.
  • Taking care of all the form filling and paperwork whilst liaising directly with the lender to move your mortgage through to offer as soon as possible.  Keeping you updated throughout the process.


Can I port my existing mortgage?

Many mortgages now have the facility to ‘port’ the mortgage.  Effectively taking the mortgage from one property to another.  The key advantage here, is that this will allow you to avoid paying the dreaded Early Repayment Charges.

As well as porting the mortgage most lenders will allow you to port and ‘top up’ the mortgage if you need to borrow more.

Why use a broker to explore this option?

Part of the service at Hawk Mortgages is to compare the option of porting to what is available on the rest of the market and to recommend whether or not it is best to port your mortgage or apply to a new lender at a potentially lower rate.

If porting your existing mortgage is best for you, most lenders will also allow us as a broker to arrange this for you.  This saves you the hassle of liaising directly with your bank or building society whilst giving you peace of mind that you have checked all the options and taken professional advice in ensuring you get the best deal available to you.


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