At Hawk Mortgages, we’re experts in every type of mortgage. Whether it’s your first home or your sixth property, we can give you independent and specialised advice from start to finish. Even if you’re a landlord looking into buy to let mortgages, we have all the knowledge and expertise you’ll ever need.

For example, when our client in Reading wanted to review three mortgages to get the best deal, we were happy to help. Over a series of phone meetings, we were able to ascertain just what he required. The customer had three mortgages, one residential and two buy to lets, and was looking to ensure that he had the best deal going forward. He wanted to make sure none of his mortgages fell on to a standard variable rate.

Thanks to the expertise and knowledge of our staff as an independent mortgage broker and full extensive research in the buy to let and residential market, we were able to identify for the customer that the cheapest deal was actually to stay with his existing lender, but use their product transfer deals. The customer was keen for this to be done with minimal hassle and as little paperwork as possible.

Fortunately, achieving the best deal for our client is always at the forefront of what we do. We were able to process and look after the three product transfers for the customer, meaning we dealt with all the details and complications. The client was delighted with our service, and particularly praised how we had saved him time and hassle with minimum paperwork.

If you need an expert to look after your mortgage or advise you on mortgages in general, contact us and make sure you use the services of the best mortgage broker Reading can offer.