For our first blog I thought I’d tell you a little more about who we are and why Hawk Mortgages exists.  I have been a mortgage broker for over 5 years, providing regulated mortgage advice and encountering almost every situation imaginable along the way. I have arranged mortgages from £20,000 to £1.5 million and have arranged mortgages for the purchases of all sorts of weird and wonderful properties for numerous clients from all walks of life.  I’ve always found it a privilege and an interesting vocation to provide such an important service for my clients, all with varied needs and circumstances.

During my career I have worked for one of the nations largest brokers as well as contracting through estate agents and working on a freelance basis.  These were all great and gave me various insights into the mortgage industry, however there were frustrations and limitations within these roles.

I saw the opportunity to create something different, and in my mind, a little bit special.  To create a brokerage which is focussed on providing an exemplary customer service, more tailored to my client’s needs with the broker being the sole point of contact for the client throughout the process. I always found it frustrating doing all the work up front for a client only to hand a case over to an unqualified and overworked administrator to finish the job, and I know this frustrates clients too.  No more!

My aim at Hawk Mortgages is to provide the best possible service and professional advice for our clients.    Most large brokerages have a sales process of a customer speaking to an advisor who recommends a deal, this is then passed to an administrator to submit the application on the lender’s website and then passed to another administrator to deal with the paperwork – 3 people working on one mortgage ultimately leads to mistakes, bad communication, confusion and ultimately a less than perfect experience for clients.

We will do things a little different, it’s not groundbreaking and it’s simple.  A client will have one point of contact throughout the process – The Mortgage Advisor.  They will also have a mobile number for the advisor.

We will incorporate various communication methods to improve the customer journey: including telephone meetings, email conversations, watsapp messaging and video calling in order to make everyone’s life a bit easier.  The intention is to provide straightforward, friendly professional advice and makes everyone’s life as stress free as possible.  This prevents clients taking days off work to meet with brokers etc…  Of course we will offer a face to face service when so desired.

We offer regulated advice on all Residential and Buy To let Mortgages as well as advising on the protection side of things, life insurance, critical illness cover etc….  We are also specialists in certain sectors of the market which might be considered more niche, please see our IT & Daily Rate Contractor and let to buy pages.

The company name, why Hawk Mortgages?

Outside of mortgages my main passion in life is sports.  As a huge American Football fan my team is the Seattle Seahawks.  Hence the incorporation of Hawk into the company name!

Thanks for reading and I hope you find this website informative.

Yours Sincerely,

David Stacey

Mortgage Broker & Owner